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#LSwRP - Last Sunday's with Rocco P
Each last Sunday of the every Month WM3G presents #LSwRP. Last Sundays with Rocco P with host Rocco Piserchia brings you an informative show that will overload your brain if you aren't careful. If you're the type of individual that enjoys learning new facts, researching, and taking notes... THIS is the show for you!!!

Here's a message from Host Rocco P
We need to help the paradigm shift politically and socially. The conflict we face is not between the Left and the Right but between the tyranny of the state versus the liberties of the individual.

Today we need to help the paradigm shift away from the growing tyranny of globalist centralized government toward individual liberty.  In essence we need to restore the Republic based upon the original intent of the US Constitution.  This paradigm shift of a restoration to individual liberty will not be secured apart from help by the “church.”  The Church is defined not as a specific denomination but as believers in Christ Jesus – those people who have personally trusted Christ as Savior and Lord.

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